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Access: "For eons, two universes full of heroes and villains have lived in solitude. In one world, the DC Universe, heroes were the dominant side of the battle while the villains would figure out ways to upset that dominance. But in the Marvel Universe, many heroes had to fight for their own rights, and the villains were equal to the heroes in power. But one day, two powerful villains of each universe discovered the other and formed an alliance. From the world of DC: Darkseid and Brainiac. And from the world of Marvel: Thanos and Apocalypse. And when I had found out about the two universes merging together, it was too late. The heroes and villains of both universes were at war. And there was little time to stop the conflict..."

Two shadowed beings run and swing over ruins towards search lights.

"...before their worlds ended."

The buffed shadowed being: "If we live through this, make sure to remind me to get a well-paying job."

The other shadowed being: "Alright." He swings one last time before he lands and stops. "This is the spot."

Wolverine and Spider-Man hide behind the rubble and look in the direction of the search lights. They see a fence protecting General Zod's base, and shadows moved behind it.

Spider-Man: "Do you think they really took him here?" he asked.

A huge roar is heard from beyond the fence. Shouts and smashing is heard, and then all lights turn to the Hulk being chained.

Wolverine: "Yup."

Spider-Man: "So when do we make our move?"

Wolverine's transmitter: "Wolverine! Spider-Man! Are you in position?"

Wolverine: "Yeah, Fury. By the way, I can hear you loud and clear, Fury. LOUD and clear."

Nick Fury: "Sorry about that. Listen: I need you two to get to the Hulk out of that base before they destroy him."

Spider-Man: "I thought that the Hulk was indestructible."

Nick Fury: "If General Zod finds a way to turn the Hulk BACK to Bruce Banner, then he will be killed! So I need you to save him. Got it?"

Wolverine: "Roger that, bub. Over and out."

Wolverine cut out his signal.

Spider-Man: "Do you really think that they can...well...'deactivate' the Hulk?"

Wolverine: "I don't know," he responded as his blades came out of his hands, "but under the circumstance, we can't afford losing him."

Wolverine: "Ready?"

Spider-Man: "Ready."

And without a word, Spider-Man jumped over the fence, and Wolverine clawed through it.


It took a while, but after clawing through the guards, they were able to get to the Hulk, who had freed himself and was currently on rampage.

Wolverine steps forward to help the Hulk, only to get hit by the Hulk's arm, sending him the ground. He tries to get back up when the Hulk swings his arm back at him.

Wolverine: "Hulk, easy! We're helping you escape!"

The Hulk bashes some of the guards. He turns to his two allies and prepares to smash them.

Spider-Man: "Wait!"

The Hulk stopped, and then dropped to its knees, screaming and transforming.

After a few moments, the Hulk became Bruce Banner once again.

Wolverine: "Welcome back, whiny."

Bruce Banner, panting: "Wolverine. Spider-Man. How did you find me?"

Spider-Man: "Nick Fury got word from Captain America. Now come on, we need to escape."

Bruce Banner: "But how can we? Zod has this place surrounded, and he even has someone as strong as I am working for him."

Wolverine: "Then we just take them down as well, whiny. Now let's move!"
This the beginning of a DC vs Marvel video game that 73windman and I would like to create. If someone watching me has connections to the video-gaming industry, please wait until I'm out of High School before you approach me [so the fall of 2012 :), you know, when we're all suppose to die].

Oh, BTW, ATOTU is A Tale of Two Universes. It's like that because the title wouldn't fit.


Part 2:
1pieceluver Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011  Student General Artist
Ooooooooh~~~~~~~ This would make a pretty awesome scream play too~~
nesilverwing Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
Haha, this sounds interesting.
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